Bouclé is the natural texture... for now 

It's the Pandemic Trend that just won't quit, but we're totally here for it.


Cotton bouclé whilst timeless, has been at the forefront of design this year so far. The twisted wool fibres are incredibly durable, and it works so well on upholstery.


It's a fantastic fabric to freshen and contemporarize sofas or chairs (take a look in our gallery at the pair of 1930's chairs we reupholstered to bring them right on trend). 

Chair upholstered in Casamance nepal fabric
Casamance Nepal fabric on a sofa

Chelsea Design Week showcased designers upholstering textural Bouclés on modern geometric forms too. Casamance Nepal range gives us a good range of 24 natural colours in their beautifully soft version to pick from.

Here at Cocobolo, we have several brands including Casamance offering Bouclés in a range of colours to fit your palette.


Whether your interior fits with the natural 'Instagram-worthy' Scandinavian style that you would typically see partnered with a creamy bouclé, or your more into maximalist design with layering patterns and bold colours, we've come to the conclusion Bouclé does it all!

IMG_20220315_171011 (1).jpg