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Sleek Sustainability

Sustainable fabrics are doing wonders for the environment and are now also making wonderful interiors too. 


The imagery is unmistakable in it's message, sustainability is big news and more important than ever in the Interiors market. Kirkby Design , the recycling darling of Romo Group's stable of brands hits just the right spot with 4 collections of fabrics made from recycled yarns.


Kirkby designs have artfully woven their collections into a chiaroscuro of colours and textures not only for commercial spaces but also gracing some of the coolest pads out there. The 80's Memphis Group designs of Ettore Sotsass et al are storming back with top notch Eco credentials that the decade of excess never dreamt of.


These new collections are far beyond earlier efforts at making saleable fabrics from recycled yarns or plastics removed from our seas. Long gone are the drab , flat , murky tones . Here are collections thoughtfully put together to cover indoor, outdoor and hard working upholstery uses. Textures are varied and interesting. Naming giving more than a hint to the origins of each collection, meet Tide, Leaf, Flow, Weave and Fleck Eco. 


Flow certainly seems very apt to us here as we think that with fabrics as good looking as these they will become seamlessly integrated into interior design schemes again in 2024 and beyond. 

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