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Soft furnishings lifted by high fashion

Following on from the successful Eley Kishimoto collaboration Romo and Alice Temperley launch stunning new collections.

Temperley London Romo collection fabrics in a room settinglavinia-19.jpg

An immersion of bohemian grandeur, irresistibly soft velvets, luxurious satins, graceful embroideries and eccentric jacquards feature whimsical designs that narrate their own tale of myths and legends.

Welcome to the world of Temperley London x Romo, a mystical land of maximalism where the only limit is your imagination.

The beginning of a beautiful new chapter where fashion and interiors unite, the Temperley London x Romo partnership weaves a magical story with every stitch in a utopia of dreamlike prints, romantic embroideries and indulgent weaves that enrapture the senses. With a mythological escapism, each design is utterly enchanting, instilling and encouraging the belief in decorating without fear, to create a truly unique home that transports you to a wonderland of pattern, colour and texture.

Fabrics from the Lavinia collection

Temperley x London  ...the detail can be a devilish delight.



All in the detail; this jewel box of trimming treasures is brimming with colour, texture, and decoration. Exuding a decadent, bohemian grandeur, embroidered feathers, velvet leopard braids, lace effect fringes and classic multi-tassel trims are but a few of the extravagant flourishes on offer. Inspired by the burgeoning apothecary drawers and many decorative details of the Temperley x London archive, these opulent trims are designed to elevate all that they adorn.

Romo group's collaborations with artists aren't for everyone but then we don't have just anyone as customers. Those with a sense of adventure who enjoy being a little different, have confidence in their design expressions will enjoy not just the exotic designs but the additional, bang on trend, trimmings in the new ranges for 2023.

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