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Beauty and functionality coexist in Nicoya, an exquisite range of outdoor suitable fabrics.

A variety of soft, textural woven designs include a reinterpretation of our fabulous Japura design which combines tropical artistry with a unique tapestry like quality, as well as characterful geometrics, colourful small-scale designs and textural semi-plains.

Romo outdoor fabric seating box cushions

Outdoors but with style


Offering a bold new era of outdoor textiles, innovative velvets embrace the future of outdoor design. Particularly sumptuous, these solution-dyed acrylic velvets have exceptional colour fastness to light properties bringing an exciting, tactile addition to our range of outdoor suitable fabrics. Classic, colourful Romo stripes and a luxuriously simple plain are offered in a range of lively colours.

With all the practical aspects required for outdoor applications, this decorative collection is equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor schemes combining performance with unrivalled luxury.


It's great to see the real colours and textures in daylight rather than just on screen. Feel free to contact us for more info, or to pop into our workroom.

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