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Whichever way you look at it there is no denying that sustainable and eco-conscious design is a hot topic right now, with rattan, cane and so many other natural materials more popular than ever for home interiors. But this new shift of focus on sustainability is much more than an interiors trend, it’s set to become a way of life whereby greater importance is placed on designing consciously with real consideration for the next generations. But how can you begin to embrace the shift? By selecting eco-friendly products and practices for your interior projects, choosing products that are recycled, natural, durable, or easily recyclable and investing in quality products with timeless styles that are easy to maintain and update or restyle are all great ways to start.

Here at at Cocobolo not only do we have a strong no-waste ethic working closely with our neighbours here at The Factory, donating where we can to the local crafting hub but we also take an ethically conscious outlook when choosing our fabric house partners. We believe in quality as paramount, we pride ourselves in the highest standards of workmanship making bespoke luxury soft furnishings that will last for years to come and we are so excited for developments in fabrics and production practices that really enhance this standard.

This month we want to highlight a few collections that have caught our attention recently and we are sure you will love the fabric look and feel just as much as the sustainably sound process behind.

For samples, advice or just a friendly chat about how we at Cocobolo can help you incorporate more eco-friendly soft furnishings into your home, please do get in touch by dropping us a line or giving us a call today.

First up, Kobe’s recycled sheer MOSA FR. This stunning fabric is woven using recycled Polyester fire retardant yarns with collected plastic bottles being recycled to create the yarns, which are upgraded with flame retardant properties and finished to create a natural linen look and touch, in soft natural colours. In a soft neutral palate, this beautiful sheer drapes with elegance and grace.

The new eco friendly Leaf collection from Kirkby Design is 100% recycled wool using salvaged yarns from the fashion industry. The collection is made with reconstituted wool from the Prato District, Italy, and has a limited impact on the environment. The Leaf collection includes three semi plains in a contemporary colour palette featuring fresh pastel shades of Mint, Lemon and Ice Blue. A beautifully soft finish gives a tactile touch to a robust quality.

And finally in our showcase this month is one of our favourites MISIA. MISIA as a brand is very concerned about sustainable development and its share of responsibility in the textile industry and so has created a sustainable value chain being attentive to each step of its production cycle. The brand regularly develops and selects alternative raw materials, such as organically grown fibres or recycled materials, and integrates ecological production processes, such as natural dyeing and weaving. ‘Golfo Paradiso’ and 'Terre de Artistes’ for example, are fabrics made from cotton jersey t-shirt scraps up-cycling fabric remnants from the fashion industry whereby residual cotton fibres are collected, sorted by colour, shredded and spun into a new yarn, using a completely dry, eco-friendly manufacturing process, with no water or dyeing involved.

These are just a small selection of the stunning array of beautiful natural materials now available to the conscious homeowner and this element of design only going to grow. As a coastal Dorset based business we are so very proud and passionate to be part of the reduction in ecological footprint and hope you will think of Cocobolo Furnishings when choosing environmentally sustainable fabric for your home.

Team Cocobolo x


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