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Interior Design Trends for 2023

Well here we are in 2023 and a world away from the dark days of the pandemic and grey being the colour of choice for seemingly everything. The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023 is Magenta although fabric houses aren't really embracing it as you can see from the image of the central dome at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour for the recent Design Week show.

At the end of last year , as we regularly do, we consulted a range of design publications and other sources to see what they thought 2023 might bring as Interior Design trends. While our own thoughts and order books also contributed . Keep reading and we'll show you what's new and how previous successes are being built upon by the industry.

Firstly some trend continuations- We told you that we thought boucle was going to be big and so it has been , with many fabric houses jumping on board to introduce a range This means there are boucle fabrics of all colours across many price points with varying textures and wear characteristics.

Sustainability won't be going either, even as another revival from a decade of excess starts to slowly re-emerge, more on that later. This year's Design Week showed more recycled and sustainable fabrics that look and feel like they're neither of those things. This trend will gather pace as the buying public are able to not only feel good about how the fabrics were created but also that they look good and have great texture.. like "new" .

Collaborations with high fashion took another leap forward with Temperley London x Romo launched at Design Week. We were there on the first day to see the new collections of fabrics, wall papers and trimmings for ourselves. It really stood out for us and builds upon last years successful collaboration between another brand in the Rome stable, Kirkby and Eley Kishimoto. These were certainly bold expressions of design and colour, texture too. Some , like the superb embroidered damask floral sheer, Gracie, hit a higher price point than others but if you want excellent quality that is timeless it's worth digging a little deeper for.

The exhuberance of the Temperley London x Romo launch brings me on to my next soon to be revived trend. We've seen an increasing number of pieces of furniture that get their design inspiration from the Memphis group and the early 1980's designers and architects like Ettore Sotsass and others. The geometry is familiar though not quite as angular and colour brightness a few degrees down from that of four decades ago. It feels like the right time to move on from the seventies revival and what could be more natural than moving into the eighties again..but with a difference. Here's how Casamance new collection "Flirt" shows the transition.

So we've ticked off the first few continuations, trends and bubbling under trends to come, what else is there ?

Trimmings - we have seen a big uptick in jobs coming through our trade workroom from globally renowned designers who have been adding a contrast leading edge, braids and more to their ultra high end curtains and other soft furnishings.

Part 2 next month...can't wait or need to know now, give us a call



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