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It's not Very Peri, but we're all in the Pink!

It's not Very Peri,

but we're all in the Pink!

The Design Centre, Chelsea

At the end of '21 Very Peri was announced as the the new Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022. Unfortunately nobody in the fashion or interiors industries believed it! As evidenced by our recent trip to Chelsea Harbour for Design Week, we saw an equally upbeat hue moving us along from the earth tones of last year and putting some much needed uplift into our colour palettes for 2022. Subtle pinks on their own or mixed with some gentle greens were across many of the fabric houses new products in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour and indeed the decorative hangings in the central dome showcased that too.

The Event Programme brochure cover was also in an understated pink as is the April edition of Elle Decoration. Pic

Last Summer we made some absolutely wonderful wave curtains in Connaught Silk Ballerina from James Hare (Pic) the long ,almost 4m drop, in a beautiful Master Bedroom worked so well, subtle, ahead of the curve, maybe. James Hare are again leading the way with their Campden collection.

James Hare, Campden

New collections like Ashmore from GP&J Baker showcase a variety of shades of pink from their Eltham, New Bradbourne & Chelsea Fern fabrics amongst others . We have the newly launched sample book here in the showroom- we'd love for you to book in to see and get ahead of the others.

We were pleased to see another of our favourite houses , Creation Baumann, had some of their fabulous voiles in a beautiful understated pink in the Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols where we'd stopped for refreshment after visiting them at their office in the iconic Michelin Building on Fulham Road.

Heading back down to ground level, we saw more pinks from various fashion brands and again in an article in Living etc on Anna Mason's new atelier painted in the new Mason Pink. So pink is really the colour of 2022. Whether standalone or mixed with a lighter new spring growth green it's not a shout from the rooftops hue but a more subtle and unmistakably healthy feeling, more upbeat colour looking forward from eternal earth tones to lift the spirits .


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