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As smooth as Silk

Here at Cocobolo Furnishings we love fabrics, but , we really LOVE silk. It's fabulous to work with and looks amazing, is natural & available in a myriad of designs from gorgeous plains to complex geometrical patterns, swirls and scenes. If there's one thing that will make your home really stand out when your friends are free to visit again it's some statement silk curtains, cushions or even wallcoverings. Maybe you'll keep the silky elegance just to your Master Bedroom & dressing room but you won't be able to resist showing your closest friends.

We have many accounts with fabric houses but only a select few offer real silk. James Hare are renowned as experts in Silk and have been trading in it since 1865. They have an excellent page on their website where " The story of silk and its production is as fascinating as the fabric is captivating. Uncover the surprising secrets of silk, its fascinating history and how it is produced." here . Another fantastic supplier is the renowned Silk Gallery where the wonderful Kathryn Thompson has been designing since 1989. "The Silk Gallery remains a very British collection in the sense that (uniquely in today’s industry for a company of its size and influence) virtually the entire range of fabrics is either woven or hand printed in the UK." We think that this is to be applauded and welcome the opportunity to make the final finished product here in Poole for our local customers.


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