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Chelsea inspiration

Yes I know that we're mostly focussed on interiors but ,as regular readers of our blog posts will know, we are also spending a larger portion of our home lives in spaces part inside/outside. So styles and expressions transition from outside to in and vice versa. For centuries fabric designers have been inspired by forms and colours of the natural world. These expressions are sometimes stylised in prints or embroideries and other times almost lifelike.

The 3 images above (courtesy of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show winning Guangzhou Garden) show what can be achieved .

The garden is described thus

"Characterful trees and shrubs including the dawn redwood, Scots pine, field maple and birch make up the woodland edge to capture particulate matter. Sedges, euphorbia and ferns provide a horizontal carpet punctuated with accent plants such as Rodgersia and Angelica, which help to clean water and air. The effect is an elegant and graceful drifting wave of green foliage, dotted with frothy perennials, in soft hues of white, blue and yellow."

Several of are fabric suppliers are known for their natural designs., Most notably Sanderson

using the phrase " Inspired by Nature since 1860"

We've also cheekily added a new wallpaper from Mulberry Home Icons Collection, Follies (comes in 4 colourways, shown above left). We move on to fabrics inspired by nature in our next post so be sure to check it out in a day or two.


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