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Life indoors & out, simple elegance inspired by nature.

We have written recently on Let's hear it for Linen then were Lining up for Linara now we move yet higher.

Romo have a range of top brands within their group. Mark Alexander is for those who appreciate an interior that is elegant and finely crafted, yet is relaxed and has the gift of feeling simple. Now they transition this style to the outdoors.

Renowned for their love of linen, uncompromising quality and attention to detail, timeless textures and a considered palette are combined to create a sophisticated collection of linen weaves suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Versatile stripes, tailored designs and an intriguing plain work together in a multitude of ways, bringing the undoubted luxury of Mark Alexander to outdoor living.

The simplicity of pure linen is combined with the high-performance aspects and easy-care features expected for outdoor use in this sublime collection of linen weaves that are truly unique to the outdoor market.

To be effectively suitable for outdoor use, these fabrics are woven with specially treated yarns and an appropriate finishing process is applied to meet the industry standards and specifications required for outdoor use. Follow the link here to order samples or contact us on 07757061234 to discuss.

Next time we dial up the colour again so be sure to check back for our next blog post.


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