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Outdoor Fabrics & Summer Living

Not long ago, army green plastic chairs were about all that was available to furnish your

patio or screened porch. Luckily, times have changed, and the fabric industry has made

remarkable improvements. These days, your outdoor sofa can be covered in a material

that's just as soft and stunning as the fabric on your dining room windows or your living room chairs. The choice of colours, patterns, and textures has never been better. We have

somehow found ourselves mid way through the year already and with long hot days

ahead. As the world warms generally we have become more conscious than ever of

the importance of time in fresh air ,post covid-19, there is a real sense that we are now

looking at our outside spaces, no matter their size as an equally important area of our

home to make comfortable and beautiful. Many of us are now looking to soften and refresh

our outdoors ready for the long hot summer nights injecting renewed vibrancy, defining

the outside of our homes as a well thought out and stylish space to be enjoyed and shared

in comfort.

From cushions to seat pads, rugs to to parasols and awnings, there are stunning outdoor

fabrics now available for all tastes and budgets. Here at Cocobolo we have been so

impressed with the developments in outdoor fabric over the past few years, many are

softer and more luxurious that ever before and whereas once upon a time outdoor fabrics

were very limited in colour palate and texture, now you can happily flow indoor and

outdoor without even realising a fabric is water, stain and fade resistant.

Of course outdoor fabrics do need to be tough and water resistant! British weather is after

all notoriously changeable but with the right fabric you certainly need not be running

around in the rain shielding your cushions or worrying about leaving your soft furnishings

out at the end of a late night alfresco gathering! By using outdoor fabric that can take the

rough and tumble of al fresco life you can enjoy total peace of mind, because good

outdoor fabrics are not only water repellent but also stain resistant and colour fast, handy

in the case of the odd garden party wine spillage!

Here at Cocobolo Furnishings, we are thrilled to offer outdoor soft furnishing for our

customers all year round so whatever your outdoor project, whether you are looking to

create a defined outdoor space or want to flow inside and outdoors drop us a message or

give us a call and we can help! We can provide colour and design advice, guide you

through the different fabrics and their benefits and support you throughout the process

from initial contact through to installation for a long summer of comfort and fun outdoors then all set for a winter in the hot tub under the stars! Outdoor soft furnishings are here to stay and

more beautiful, comfortable and durable than ever.


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