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Ski Chalet Interiors - How to style guide

What is Ski Chalet Style ? The design aesthetic of mountainous regions where geography has meant that local materials were used to build and furnish dwellings has continued into the 3rd decade of the twenty first century. Natural materials dominate yet don't overwhelm by use of textures, layers, warm tones and natural wooden finishes. It’s also a design style where a little goes a long way and the overall look remains timeless. Add to that the fact that it also works equally as well in city apartments or in coastal regions like our own means it's a style you can acquire without being at altitude.

Here's a rather cool cabin , the 2 person Montana Treehouse Retreat showing you that if you have imagination you can make Ski Chalet style on a smaller, more personal level than the palatial high end Zermatt Peak (Top). Of course I'd love to visit both just to check out the pro's and cons of each and report back.

Ski dreams aside and back to the article ... Statement chairs, large wooden dining tables to lighting fixtures and more, there are many ways to bring the look of ski chalet style into your home.

Fabrics and textures are an easy way to bring this aesthetic into a living space. A chair upholstered in a soft leather or a wool throw blanket over a sofa will easily add a sense of warmth to a space. We love the Casamance Tibet with the warmth of shades & amazingly soft texture it's perfect .What else makes Ski Chalet Style ?Layering is also a design technique that plays a role in this style. Two layered rugs thrown on top of each other or a large blanket hung on a wall (like a tapestry would be, see below for the Christian Lacroix wool throw from Designers Guild) are cool and interesting ways to add depth and layers to a space.

Wooden finishes and other types of natural materials also play a crucial role to achieve this look.

A petrified stump stool like this from Andrew Martin or small side table are subtle whilst a classic antler inspired chandelier makes a really striking statement to any space. Incorporating horn or shagreen accessories onto surfaces are also a great and easy way to add a touch of this look to a setting. Maybe a shagreen drinks tray with beakers in antler ? I know that shagreen may be pushing the alpine element a tad but it's such a great texture and works so well with other natural finishes. Whatever elements you choose ,this interior style makes for a comfortable yet stylish way of living. So kick back on your sofa, press the call button on your phone and give us a ring.


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