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Something every new parent should know

Here's a lovely image from Mamas & Papas for a bedroom set for a newborn. Can you see the huge mistake ? If you're yet to have your first child you might not notice , but here's something EVERY parent will say.

You must have blackout blinds or blackout curtains at the window !

With the longest day of the year fast approaching having a way to minimise or control the amount of light in the room is key. As much as we're all learning to appreciate shift workers and their 04:00 starts we don't all want to be woken up at first light by our new bundle of joy. The same goes for toddlers and don't forget any guests you might have to stay once lockdown finishes, they certainly would appreciate it.

Where can I find blackout blinds or curtains ? Many of the large high street retailers will sell blackout options for either. For blackout roller blinds for instance, you can take your own measurements and order then install yourself. However, its really important to make sure you follow installation instructions to the letter and be sure that the chain mechanism is fixed correctly (it's a legal requirement for fitters). The same goes for Roman Blinds which must have child safety compliant headrails.

What else do i need to think about ? Well, should the blind go inside the recess ? If so , make sure you leave enough room for any handles on the windows. In my experience it's worth having both blinds and curtains at the window with one being blackout. I went for blackout rollers and lined curtains when mine were tiny....that was a while back !!

What about motorised options ? Yes there are more and more suppliers who allow you to control your blinds or curtains from an App or even with Alexa , Google Assistant or other smart device. They can even be tied in with lighting. How great would it be to be able to say , for instance, 'Hey Alexa set bedtime' whilst you round up your little un and climb the stairs, by which time the scene is set. The other big bonus to motorised , there are no chains/cords and some systems are very quiet indeed (one of our suppliers offer a high end and excellent solution) There are many others at good price points, if you need some advice just give us a call.

I'll be adding a few more helpful tips in the following weeks and answers to things like, How do I stop light bleeding round the edges of my blackout blinds ? So pop back and check .


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