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We want beautiful things but not at the cost of the environment around us

Does anyone else feel like 2021 is whizzing by? Already we are turning our attention to the interior design trends and new fabric collections launching this month. Crazy, isn't it? As fabulous as sunny summer days are, we defy anyone to not get a little thrill at the prospect of cosying in at home surrounded by sumptuous feather filled cushions and gorgeous textural throws, there is something about that cocooning feeling isn’t there? So as we look ahead to Autumn and beyond, what do we here at Cocobolo predict will be new in fabric design for late ’21 moving into 2022?

Sustainability is now far more than a trend, it is fast becoming a core principle in design and we are delighted to see that it is a desire becoming ever more important in how we shop for interiors. At the beginning of August we talked about eco-fabrics, those that are made using ethical practices and eco-conscious materials. As new launches are announced this month and with Romo, Misia, Designers Guild and many other brands now focusing on sustainability we will certainly be seeing the rise of innovative recycled fabrics from Autumn 2021 and into 2022.

Natural, earthy tones are sure to be a strong presence moving into 2022, with a focus on natural elements and nature inspired design, whether that is in fabric colour, pattern or print. We have seen a lot of green and muted tones being used and our prediction is that green be a staple colour moving out of 2021 with shades of green used on walls, in fabrics and home accessories. With green naturally comes a pairing with other nature inspired tones and fabrics in shades of orange, muted rusts and earthy peaches are predicted as favourites for Autumn 2021 colour palette but with a soft warmth that will work all year round. So we can certainly expect to see lots of greens and rusty tones in launches next month further enhancing the strong desire we have for connection to earth, nature and our environment.

Whilst we are noticing that whilst the desire for natural connection is strong, there is a trend coming through that sees a modern meets rustic and we will certainly be seeing that more and more with the new fabric launches coming through. Slick modern minimalism will meet natural, rustic, so expect soft linens but also exciting textures and rich tones, bright, geometric metallics, soft woollens and boucles. These are very exciting times in fabric design and we are looking forward to the new season in anticipation.

Be sure to let us know what trends in home furnishing you’re loving at the moment and how you’ll be preparing your living space for Autumn and Winter 2021.

Image courtesy of Kobe Fabrics


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